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All our rooms are mountain facing, offering you the best views of the 'Dragon's Tail'. Our rooms have been designed with our surrounds in mind, and we have tried to bring the theme of nature through in the building and renovations.


Each room has been named and themed after a significant part of our family history, and is decorated accordingly. In order for our guests to really escape and appreciate the serene and peaceful surrounds, all our rooms are TV-free.  We encourage our guests to escape from technology and reconnect with nature and their loved ones.

All our rooms have the same amenities and facilities, and differ only in decor and theme.

RM 2_Archer Room Interior.JPG


This room is named after one of our most beloved pointers, Archer, who was an invaluable part of the Vosloo family, as well as one of the most accomplished hunting dogs we have ever seen.

RM 4_Monarch Interior.JPG


Named after a beautiful stallion who was a loyal companion to Boysie Vosloo, the first of our family to settle and farm in the region. This horse was a trusted friend for many years.

RM 5_Greywing Interior.JPG


 Named for the francolins that inhabit the mountains and call this area home. This room is decorated in a theme inspired by local birds, many of which are unique species native to the region.



RM 3_Harebell Bed.JPG


This room is named after a delicate and beautiful flower indigenous to the area. Harebell is themed in a floral theme, inspired by the local flora in the region.

RM 1_Ed's Hopper  Bed.JPG


Named for a delicate fly invented by a special friend of the family, this room is themed around fly fishing and the rainbow trout which inhabit our stunning rivers.

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